About Your Counselor

Welcome! My name is Julianna Navarro and I am passionate about providing couples in the Austin area with exquisite premarital counseling and supporting couples every step of the way before they say "I DO".


As your premarital counselor, I will help you grow your relationship by teaching you essential skills that strengthen your connection with your partner. In session we use a modern approach to premarital counseling that naturally integrates mindfulness, trust, communication, intimacy, and vulnerability.

When I'm out of the office, I enjoy spending my time outdoors, practicing yoga, or reading a good book!

Individual session rates


Package rates

Bridal Zen Session - $125

-Individual (1hr)


Premarital Session - $150

-Couples (1hr)

Consultation - free

-Online (15 min)

Bridal Zen Package - $550

($75 discount)

- 5 Bridal Zen Sessions


Premarital Package - $750

($150 discount)

-6 Premarital Sessions

Full Service Package - $950

($200 discount)

-6 Premarital Sessions

-2 Bridal Zen Sessions

Why I do this work

believe that preventative maintenance is 100% more effective than regular treatment. After spending years working with couples who came into my office trying to undue patterns they had spent the past many years stuck in, I realized there is a more effective way to work with couples who want to enrich their relationship. 

My interest in understanding people began in undergrad with my studies in psychology and then I naturally found my niche during graduate school, while I was working with couples on marriage counseling. Having the experience working on marriage and divorce counseling has given me an amazing platform of understanding to be able to work with premarital couples now.

Sometimes it takes an outside, non-bias perspective to highlight patterns in your relationship that may benefit from enrichment and ultimately bring you closer to your partner. It's a common misconception that there has to be something "wrong" with your relationship to seek counseling. I have seen the positive effect that premarital counseling has on even the most stable and happy of relationships first-hand. It's very common for couples to report more satisfaction and security in their connection after our sessions.

I can't imagine a better way of life, then to facilitate in strengthening a healthy connection between two people. That is why I love what I do, and I'm passionate to help you grow on your premarital journey!

Common Questions

Is premarital counseling religious?

Our premarital counseling sessions are non-religious in nature and respectful of all faiths. If you choose to discuss your feelings around spiritual or religious beliefs you can decide how much or little you want to include in our sessions. I will create a safe space of acceptance for you to reflect on these important areas of your life.

How many sessions should we schedule?

It is recommended to have 6 sessions, at least 3 months before the wedding in order to explore all of the premarital course material. All sessions can be done online or in-person.

What do we Learn in sessions?

The counselor helps you and your partner navigate the complexity of intimacy, trust, and vulnerability within a relationship. Both partners will gain essential communication skills and understanding of healthy relationship tools to help you and your partner stay connected throughout the many stages of life.

Do you accept insurance?

Austin Modern Premarital Counseling does not accept insurance because insurance requires the therapist to diagnose the client they are treating, in order for them to cover the client's session costs. Premarital counseling by nature does not operate from a diagnosis perspective, we are simply focused on improving your quality of life with your partner.



Nationally Certified Counselor since 2016

LPC-Associate, Supervised by Sharon Bien, LPC-S

Masters of Science in Marriage Counseling, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi 

Gottman I Certified to work with couples

Proud partnership with Brides of Austin

Member of Austin Association for Marriage and Family Therapists